Welcome to Faith Kids Online Lego Video Archive

Hello Lego Master! Wow, we have built a lot of Awesome Creation during this quarantine!

I created this page so that you can re watch any of these videos and get ideas to create more!

Faith Kids Lego Videos

06-19-2020 Guitar

06-12-2020 10 Pieces Edition 02

06-05-2020 The Maze

05-29-2020 10 Pieces Edition 01

05-22-2020 The Top

05-15-2020 The Fish & The Boat

05-08-2020 The Sheep

05-01-2020 The Airplane

04-24-2020 The Puzzle

04-17-2020 A Heart

04-10-2020 The Cross

04-02-2020 The Giraffe